1. Happy New Year!


  2. Merry Christmas, all! #afterglow #vscocam #typography #christmas (at ft walton beach )


  3. Coffee Table




  6. abideinthevine:

    Prayer is like Breath | Zach Teel

    I just found that someone blogged this!  I filmed this with my good friend Zach.  Thanks for the support everyone!  

    (Source: jamiekcurtis)


  7. MIXTURE :: 1934 Zeiss Medium Format Ikoflex and iPhone

    There is something magical about mixing current technologies with their ancestors. The constraints and boundaries of this clunky viewfinder make crafting a decent exposure pretty tough.  This is day 1 of shooting an iPhone fine art series through the viewfinder of a 1934 Zeiss Ikoflex Medium Format camera.  No editing, besides cropping, has been done to the photos.  

    Poll:  Do you like the photos with the ‘frame’ (the inside of the viewfinder)?  Would they be stronger without?  


  8. Merry christmas from the beach! #realTTL (Taken with Instagram at Dune Allen Beach)


  9. Zach and Starlyn Teel :: A Wedding Moving Picture


  10. Zach and Starlyn Teel :: A Wedding Preview